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James Peel
JP Translations Director

After a varied life living in various countries and working as a teacher and translator in those countries, I came back to the north-west of England, where I continued to freelance as a translator, as well as studying for a Masters in Translation, which I passed with distinction in 2013.

I decided to set up my own translation company after my years as a freelance translator and proofreader working for various translation companies and agencies showed me where the deficits lie in the service these big companies are able to offer their clients. It can be difficult for them to offer a personalised service which meets the exacting demands of a client with specific needs; the client will never have direct access to the translator, so all communication goes through a project director, with the possibility of messages being “lost in translation” along the way. It can also be difficult for them to guarantee quality, as they outsource so much of the work to freelance translators they do not know in person.

That is why JP Translations is different, and what makes us special. Our translators are hand-picked – by me! We have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and reliable professionals who produce work of a consistently excellent standard in Spanish, French, Italian and English. I know them, and I trust them. On the rare occasions where all our translators are busy and I need to outsource a translation, I insist on candidates proving their ability through a test and providing references from previous partners before trusting them with the work. Our translators will be in direct contact with you, the client, wherever necessary and we do not stop working on a text until you and we are happy with it.

If you need a translation done to a very high standard, quickly and professionally, at a competitive price, give us a try – get a free quote today and let’s start working together.

James Peel, MA

Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting


JP Translations
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